The beginning of the end

“I don’t think this is working anymore”

The wonderful words that most of us will hear at some point in our lives.  Not sure many get that followed up with “You’re a nice girl” and a pat to the head.

That was the beginning of the end for me and my ten year relationship. I won’t claim I’m fantastic, I am not. But I do think after ten years I deserve more.

I’m not asking for a parade with elephants and streamers.  Oh and tiny cats with hats who dip them as they pass (yes I’m losing focus, it’s a trait of mine), but more then a comment you would make to a pony before you shove a polo mint down its throat.

Do I want too much? Do I deserve more? Do I want more? These questions constantly rotate in my mind. Clawing away for a sense of resolution that may never come.

What do I want? I don’t think I actually know anymore.Image

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