Today is the greatest

Today has been rather special.  Its the first day in a long time where I haven’t once wanted to cry or punch someone in the face – this is a win day for me.

It could be down to the fact I’m yet to eat properly so am slightly delirious or could it be that happiness people keep telling me about. It could simply be down to the fact that I’ve had two nights in the flat without him. I’ve had space to be me. I’ve had space to breath.

Its weird and makes me uncomfortable.  It’s almost as if someone flicked a switch over night and everything that was shit vanished.

I’m sure this feeling won’t last and the black dog will arrive back on the porch in the pouring rain and beg at the door to be let in. And I’m 90% sure I’ll welcome him with open arms.

But this is now and now is pretty awesome, so I’ll keep hold for as long as I can.

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