Abandoned Cat Gets a Job to Avoid Being Put to Sleep

Seriously, when I thought I couldn’t love the Japanese/Japan anymore

Tokyo Desu

A stray cat in Osaka has seen its fortunes reversed after staff at an animal centre decided to make him their mascot rather than let him be put to sleep.

Nyankichi (which can be translated as “fortunate cat”), was discovered with a broken jaw and clouded eye last February, most likely after being hit by a car. Usually when nobody comes to claim an animal within ten days the centre is forced to put them down, but staff were so fond of Nyankichi they couldn’t bring themselves to do it, instead deciding to save his life by making him their mascot.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, “Nyankichi was even appointed to ‘deputy to the center chief’ by a 51-year-old staff member after she found it sprawled on Horikoshi’s desk and gazing at papers while the chief was on vacation in July.”

Here’s a video of Nyankichi, generally looking bewildered…

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