J’exige un cocktail dans un ananas!

This is someone who has been in my life for a short while, but has managed to burrow under my skin. She’s made me laugh and cry. She’s picked me up when I’ve been low and held onto me when I floated a bit too high.

She’s also tried (and still tries) to teach me to slow down, reread and take out some of the anger. I don’t always listen to her and I sometimes regret this. She isn’t trying to hold me back to be mean, she is doing it for my own good and sometimes I am too blind to see that.

She has a strong exterior, some have even called her a bitch. She isn’t, she’s just built that hard shell around herself because she’s been hurt before. I’ve listen to her tales of depression, when she feared for her baby’s life, when the dog came sniffing around and she feared that people were out to get her and her family.

I know some of her past, the bits she want’s to let me know. I feel blessed that someone would trust me that much. She’s listened to me go on and on (and on and on and on) about HIM. She’s told me when I’m being a dick, she’s told me she hid behind me in a photo to look slim (ha!) and she’s smiled and nodded when I said my tights made my legs look like gazelles.

She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She’s generous to a fault and always gives a good reading of people. And we all know “Reading is fundamental!” and boy is the library open!

I’m leaving her soon when my job ends and I will miss seeing her face everyday. She’s been a dear friend to me and her and her family are some of the best people you could ever meet. I know we will stay in touch and when I finally move into my own place and have my Diana Ross Housewarming Party (TM) there will be a special pineapple cocktail on the bar for her.

Thank you for being you – amazing, strong, weird and and never afraid to sing Disney songs with me. And despite what they all say we sound fucking amazing! Haters gonna Hate!

I love you!

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