One positive of living at home again

So I’m back home for a bit in my teenage bedroom. It’s still the same as it always was – hot pink walls and blue ceiling with stars stuck on there.

The cat has decided that this new place is okay and has discovered her love of stairs. Every night she runs up and down them for a couple of minutes. She’s also discovered that the whole of my family are soft touches and will feed her all the time. She’s not as thick as she looks.

It’s weird being back here, but hopefully its a temporary stop gap. I haven’t lived at home since I was 18 and I’m so use to my own space and ways of doing things, its hard to go back to living under someone else’s roof and rules.

There is one positive to being back here though. The parents have Virgin media and TIVO and I discovered they have FX. And as we know FX has The Walking Dead on it.

I am now in Norman Reedus heaven again after several months of not seeing it.

Thank you mum & dad for having cable. It’s made this change in my life a bit better.

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