Be jealous, I have the best nieces!


So this post is a dedication to the two funniest people that I have the pleasure of having in my life.

They are still tiny dots on the horizon and have everything ahead of them to encounter. I hope they make it better then I did, if someone can make it I would love for it to be them.

These two girls are my nieces Evey and Hattie. 3 and 1 respectfully, they are caring, sarcastic, loving and honest. Qualities I wish more people possessed.

They will never fail to tell you when something is not right as well as saying the sweetest things when you need them to. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of months looking at photos of them when I feel down, and sleep with a picture of Hattie slumbering near my bed. They bring me comfort and joy, as well as making the world a little less shitty.

Yes, currently Evey does not like Aunty Sarah, as I helped with the Peppa Pig puzzle (How very dare I!) and I similarly hold a grudge for the recent slapped cheek infection she granted me. Despite this, she will always give me a big kiss and cuddle when I see her, as well as being soooooo overexcited by the tat that I bring her to clog up her parents house.

Hat’s on the other hand is deliciously naughty, and someone I think can be moulded into a horror fan. I’ve been told many times she makes Aunty Sarah faces, I just hope she doesn’t make Aunty Sarah choices in her life. She is always smiling when I speak to her, and her delight in showing me her Peppa Pig socks beats anything hands down for me.

So these two remarkable little girls have made a huge impact on my life in the short time they’ve been around. I can’t wait to be cool Aunty in a few years, taking them to get pierced, showing them proper horror, painting their nails and teaching them swears.

If anything, if I never have children I know I am the worlds luckiest person to have these two people in my life. I have two people who will make me smile with such things as:

“No I did not fart it was daddy” – Hattie
“No I didn’t draw on the window, it was daddy” – Hattie
“Why is that stupid woman in the garden singing, she’ll wake up everybody!” – Evey on Grease
“Ohhhh mummy, you look beautiful!” – Evey on my sisters wedding dress

And if at the end of the day that’s all I have, that will be enough for me.

Thank you Evey and Hattie, I love you more then I can ever tell you both.

Love Aunty Sarah x

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