I almost vomited in the loo

So this week I not only got to see a preview of Raid 2 but I got to have the dreaded first view of the ex with his new squeeze.

I’ll admit,  I knew there was a chance that I would bump into them at the event and had armed myself with friends who knew the situation and who were prepared for the worse. Amazingly, it was actually the most perfect meeting (it could have done without me exclaiming on arrival “I almost vomited in the loo!”), as it turned out my friends has started queuing next to the ex by chance.

I clocked them first, and am proud to say there was no pain, no sadness, no regret and no love. I actually felt quite elated to see that he’s moved onto someone else. And even more so to find, that despite being quite ill recently, I looked 10x better then her. Yes, I know it goes against the “girl code” but fuck it I’m having this one.

I’m really proud of myself as I didn’t say anything to them, I just smiled. And you know what that was enough. I’ve pissed over it all by doing that – a proper two fingered fuck you. Also its made me realise how far I’ve come over the last few months. I’m a different person now, albeit the person I was years ago. I’m no  longer scared of everything, I wear what I want, say what I want, talk to who I want – I am me again.


I had a really good evening with a great friend and came home grinning like a loon (as in my sweaty picture above). I finally feel free from him and all his crap. I’ve ignored his emails over the past week and given him his money and now I’m done with him. This is my time now, not his anymore.

As a side note Raid 2 is awesome! Go see it when it comes out in the UK – Hammer Girl is now my Halloween costume of choice. Also she doesn’t take shit and takes those fuckers down – my new heroine.

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