A thing of beauty is a joy forever


As you know I have a cat who I adore. I sometimes think I adore her more than she does me.

Having recently moved flats and trying to accommodate her crap along with all my shitknacks, I am trying to think of clever space saving opportunities.

I’ve been umming and erring about getting CatFace a cat tree to climb so she can harass the squirrels who live in the trees outside my window. I also want to stop waking up to scenes of her laying all over my coursework with a “FUCK YOU” look on her face.

So me being me, I thought “Why not make a cat tree!?! That’ll be a piece of piss!”, so I started googling easy cat trees an idiot could make and got thrown a load of cat trees. The one I liked the most was reusing an old ladder to make a three platformed tree (one of which would be a hammock on the bottom) but then I realised I have no money and wooden ladders are expensive, because apparently stick the word vintage, retro, old in front of anything and it becomes double the price.

So now I was just looking at pipe dream cat trees – ones with heat pads, an attached drinking fountain, real tree!! and then I found this and realised I would never have any skills to create this.

So instead I continue to look at amazing cat trees I will never build, and CatFace will continue to sit on my coursework and puzzles, occasionally licking her own arse just to remind me she’s boss of the table.

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