I made lemon drizzle cake for my new office and one for my old office as I miss feeding them. Being me (a huge cake lover) I cut one whilst still warm to “test” that it was fine to eat. It was fine and got wrapped to take to work.

Today I put out the cake in my new office and prayed people would eat it – they did and one person clearly did a cake smash in the corridor as it ended up all over the floor. I got a mock telling off that I don’t need to bring cake to the office, especially when the work is health/fitness related. I told them I am a feeder and I need to feed people. Surely by the size of me they would have realised that!

So anyway, the reason for this ramble is to confess something. I took some cake home with me, because despite my tester piece, I didn’t actually eat any of it. After dinner I remembered that I had cake in my bag, so sat on my bed to eat said cake. Cue one hour later, waking up to find I’d fallen asleep whilst eating cake.

So here is my confession:

My name is Sarah, and I am a cake slut. I’m sorry and I need to do something about my cake habit. Waking up covered in cake crumbs is a whores descent into harder stuff like ice finger buns on the tube.


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