To my big sister on her wedding day


I know we don’t talk as much as we used to and we don’t see each other as much as I would like to, but I wanted to tell you today on your wedding day how awesome I think you are.


Yes, over the years you’ve taken the piss out of my hair/clothes, been horrible to me and told on me to the parents for stealing sweets or dropping ham on the floor but on the flip side you’ve always given me good advice, been my sidekick in dealing with the hoard and given me the opportunity to be an auntie to two amazing little girls. I in turn have driven you crazy with my sleep talking, my weekly traumas and my insistence on buying Evey and Hattie annoying noisy toys.


We’ve shared a bedroom, I’ve read your diary (sorry!), you introduced me to Nirvana and Madonna, you’ve taught me how to defeat the Planet of the Robot Monsters and played endless games of Bubble Bobble when I knew you didn’t want to. You even used to help me set up my elaborate Sylvanian villages and egged me on when I used to do the nudie dance as a child.


On your special day I want you to know that I am so happy that you found someone who you want to be with forever and day, who is not only kind but hilariously sarcastic, as well as having Chris Hoy as a best friend.


You deserve to be happy and I hope today is everything you want and more. I look forward to spending today with you, make sure you enjoy yourself. Remember to drink lots of booze and eat lots of cake (there is a shit ton of it) as well as ensuring you fancy your drink up like we used to at Butlins.


Go forth my big sister and become a Ranner Tron!



your little sister x


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