The library is open!

So this could be because I’m a little hungover or because I’ve watched a whole season of RuPaul today but I know it’s definitely because I’m so so so fucking angry. Its going to get a little ranty people, so hang on;

As RuPaul says “There is far too much shade in here” and I’m about to give you a reading – the library is open!

Here’s a little truth for some of you or specifically one person in particular –

1) When a man constantly lies to your face about the most basic of things like where he works, he’s last name, he’s past relationships, where he lives – this dude is no good!

2) When a man is rude to your family and tells them they are mental – this dude is no good!

3) When a man says one thing to you and tell your family something else – this dude is no good!

4) When a man thinks its acceptable to tell your family what they can and can’t say to you – this dude is no good!

5) When a man plays a crucial part in an event that affects your life and that of your family – this dude is no good!

6) When a man makes you feel like everything is your fault and manipulates you into getting what he wants – this dude is no good!

7) When a man makes you spend all your money and uses all your things for his own good – this dude is not good!

So the lessons we have learnt here THIS DUDE IS NO GOOD!

Someone who manipulates and controls you is abusive – they may not have laid a finger on you but they are abusive all the same.

Also, using and abusing your family and then getting arsey when they act to protect you and your family is bullshit. Stop acting like your shit don’t stink, grow up and look at what the fuck you are doing with your life! If you don’t act soon, you will lose everything that you should hold close to your heart forever.

So in closing, we all need to stop being so blind to whats in front of our faces.

You can glitter a shit, but under all that sparkle it is still a shit.

Oh, and a little FYI to the man in question – if my words offend you and you want to come round and get up in my face with your big man act, bring it on bitch – I’ve taken down bigger fucktards then you and you don’t intimidate or frighten me in the slightest. I may be small in height, but I am big in strength and you will rule the day you ever tried to hurt the people I love.

And one more thing, the above is being nice – if you want me to be nasty I can be and trust me I can be one nasty bitch when I need to be!


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