Of Course Japan Has a Creepy Sex Doll Museum!

This is one of the reasons why I love the Japanese. This and the whole cats having human jobs.

Tokyo Desu

Sometimes, it just seems unfair and sensationalist when western news outlets report on over-hyped “weird Japan” news. Other times, Japan sort of deserves the coverage. Like, for example, when a museum in Tokyo decided to put sex dolls on display.

The “Love Doll” manufacturer, Orient Industry, which produces hyper-realistic, lifelike sex dolls, has somehow reached an agreement with a Ginza art gallery to display their sex doll models as part of a weird half-marketing, half-art museum attraction.

ScreenHunter_28 Aug. 10 20.24

You – sorry, “your friend” – can take a look at all the latest in sex doll technology for just 1,000 yen at Ginza’s Vanilla Gallery.



(P.S.: We’re planning on getting some photos from the gallery, depending on when one of our authors loses a bet or gets drunk enough to volunteer.)

Via Vanilla Gallery

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