Winter is coming

I love winter.

I adore the smells, the scenery, the countdown to another year of your life wasted. The awesome coats, hats and gloves combo, with the ability to wear fake fur and it not being considered a fashion faux pas by the hipsters.

I’m digging out my Pat Butcher and 70s Porn Star coat and pulling on my leather driving gloves. Adding additional layers of clothing, that all end up removed once I make it into the office where air con is banned unless you are the only one allowed to touch it (that’s another story). I’m enjoying seeing people a lot happier as they realise they are only 5 weeks away from their Christmas break from their jobs.

Most of all I enjoy the beards that winter brings. Seriously, you think you saw them all the time – WRONG! Winter is beard season!

Glorious (and some not so glorious beard) are seen everywhere. The man in the coffee shop who was a bit meh now sports an awesome face art, and you find yourself surrounded by bearded men on the train and tube. Travelling to work becomes dangerous as I find myself starring at all these bearded men or getting distracted when a bearded man asks me a question.

Oh winter! Bring forward all those beautiful beards!

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