I’ll pretend my ship’s not sinking. Cause I’m the queen of wishful thinking

So I’m yet to write anything in 2015, as normal I’m failing spectacularly at something I like (fucking life long story with me).

When I’ve finished my coursework and got this large event out of the way on Wednesday I’ll be back on this. Now I have a PiePad I can be a douche and type my blog whilst I sit on the 7.20 train in the morning, or as a friend suggested we can blog in this diner in Hoxton we’ll be visiting soon. Live the dream of being a proper hipster dick.

I didn’t make any New Years resolutions this year, kinda thought I should give myself a pass this year. My only hope this year is I can be more positive and have less episodes. Although having started 2015 seriously weighing up what the point of my existence is, I can see it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

So let me turn to Mama and utter her immortal words once more

Good luck and don’t fuck it up

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