I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant

I first came across this tumblr at the end of last year, and have been meaning to blog it for ages.

Being single for me and constantly poor means regular cupboard meals and making something edible out of that “thing” stuck to the back of the fridge. I find myself completely satisfied with eating rice with peas and tomato sauce for dinner or rejoicing over toast with lashings of marmite. My mother and friends on the other hand berates my eating habits and send me care packages. Mother in particular is obsessed with not only me eating well but with the cats having enough food to keep them for a year.

To be honest I could eat better, but being on your own means the effort of preparing anything decent for yourself is far more effort then you can be bothered to deal with. Cooking up a three course meal and getting dressed up with two cats as your only company seems a tad over the top and mental. Whereas coming home and grabbing a spoon and the giant jar of Nutella you got in your Christmas food hamper is better then anything your local Italian could give you.

So yes it comes down to this, Dimly Lit Meals For One and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one embracing them.

Fuck your candle lit dinners with the wo/man of your dreams, pass me a spoon, this Shield series ain’t gonna watch itself.

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