Careful! She’s stark raving mad!

So March makes me think of both Alice in Wonderland and also mad march hares. Hares are said to behave strangely in the month of March as they enter their breeding season, with behaviour including boxing at other hares, jumping vertically for seemingly no reason and generally displaying abnormal behaviour.

For me that pretty much sums up my depression and some may say by bipolar. I jerk erratically from one emotion to the next sometimes day to day others it can be month to month, but sadly never year to year. I too like a hare will display abnormal behaviour and lash out at those close to me. For me its less a breeding season more a keep fighting till you reach the end of the season.

So March I’m dedicating to March Madness. What does it mean to be “mad”, what can we do to make it slightly easier, and just working on making it through each season. Its going to be bumpy and we may leave with bruises but if we can get up and dust ourselves down we’ll make it through to fight another day.

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