Reviews by Sarah – so shit, they are just shit

So this weekend was Still Fighting which is organised by friends of mine and basically consists of some awesome bands playing for free and raising money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research.

I volunteered to help work on the door and then realised when I arrived that:

  1. Shit at talking to people
  2. Shit at doing maths
  3. Shit at not being okay with people I don’t know touching me

But I made it. I managed to give the correct change (yay for written down instructions!), I brought joy with party straws, I saw beards, possibly saw Derek from 1D and also saw some great bands. We also managed to raise a fantastic £375 for a great cause. I also got hit on by a weird drunk man who eventually left me alone when I told him I was a married lesbian – GO ME!

I wasn’t however allowed to use the stamp but became a human canvas for my friend. Don’t worry I’ll get her back at the next one when I bring my own stamps to deface her with.

My shitty Nokia was not great at taking photos, but I took them none the less. They ended up being even worse than the ones my niece takes, yet again beaten by a small child. So instead I’ll bring you my reviews and links to their pages for you to explore. Also let it be said I never said I was a writer, just someone with a laptop and money to pay for internet access, thus providing you all with this blog of bollocks and me with access to watch YouTube videos of cats being twats:

I called these a Dad Band. Great music, clearly all very talented and something we could all listen to. It all felt like a soundtrack to a film I would happily watch again and again. I also like to think they all practise in one of their garages whilst their wife/mother brings them lemonade. Also one was bringing the sweater vest back into fashion.

These guys kicked off with a heavy metal version of the Game of Thrones music – I got a tad excited by this. This also signalled the arrival of beards. They also all nearly rocked awesome beards. 10/10 for the beards. Not gonna lie this was pretty much all about the beards for me after that. That said they are worth a listen. Also got to meet a lovely girl, whose partner is in the band, that I’ve been following/stalking on Instagram, she was just as lovely in person as I thought she would be.

I’ve seen these guys before and the lead singer scares me. I know him but he scares me. These guys are always fun to watch but seriously the drummer is another level of amazing. If you don’t like the music you have to still enjoy the drumming skillz (as the kids say). They are playing again in Camden, London if you want to catch them.

Although they were really good, I did spend the majority of my time worried that the lead screamer may suffer a coronary. Kinda shows you how bloody dedicated he is to this band. Fear of having to remember girl guide first aid aside, I liked these guys a lot.

This band started off by asking us to be German. This was more related to the seating of the bar but German/Germany immediately means to me pissing/shitting, (or Nazis, I’m complicated what I can I say) something I’m not down with and no I’m not going to explain this to you – that’s what Google is for. Showman ship, table screaming/guitar playing and asking for drinks made for a good show – bar another H&S freak-out when guitar leads were caught on tables (Jebus my life is dull)

I likened this group to people you would see in a Rob Zombie movie, which I personally think is pretty awesome. A three piece proving no jumping around is needed and just let the music speak for itself. Also I was uber jealous of their hair and did wonder if they practiced the 100 brushes a night rule that all girls fail to live by. I am jealous of their mermaid hair * sigh *

I’m not sure when the next event will be but I’m sure there will be another one soon, that will raise even more money for this charity. In the meantime if you like what you hear hit them up to play at your gigs and spread the music some more.

I’m also available for the writing of shitty reviews, poor door management and beard judging/stroking.







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