Why you being a dickhead for. Stop being a dickhead.

Stupidly busy trains due to the train strike rush yet idiots with children still insist the world should bow to them.
If you decide to travel at peak time, with a buggy the size of a small car then yes I will roll my eyes when you get shitty about space and your children proceed to paw at my bag and dress and scream and cry and act like little dicks and you repeat the phrase “mummy is getting angry, ill have to tell you off soon” several billion times all whilst doing sweet fuck all.
Ask me politely to move, don’t just ram your buggy at me and expect me to roll out the red carpet because you have birthed something. You have chosen to breed and add even more inventory to an overstocked world. I didn’t force you to do that so don’t be a dick towards me when you don’t get everything you want. Same goes to the douche guy wearing a fucking fedora and captain sparrow beard who jumped into defend her honour.
If its going to become the social norm for us poor commuters who do the wretched journey day in day out to have to bend to dickhead parents, then I want a fucking reduced ticket for being forced to travel worse then an animal headed to the slaughter house.
And as a final fyi to this wonderful mother, its not a lack of courtesy or sisterhood to be annoyed or not fawn over your spawn, im simple one of many women who have chosen to do something more with their life then pop out 2.5 brats because “that’s what society wants”. I know plenty of woman with kids who act in a decent way and whose children aren’t mini hitlers, having them doesn’t give you free rein to be Mother Cunty.

It doesn’t make me less of a woman compared to you that I don’t want kids now or may never want them, bar the fact my vagina won’t be like the opening of a clown car.
*thus ends todays rant*

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