31 Days of Horror


Okay so I’m slow at doing this, so bear with me whilst I catch up (and use some tinternet wizardry and make it look like I had planned this shiz all along)

So its the 31 day countdown to one of my favourite holidays. so in celebration I’m going to list some of my favourite horror films. I may add something more then just a title and gif, but to be honest I most probably wont, cause I’m lazy. Also hoping this will help me to remember all the shit that I like and prompt a few re-watches.

Hopefully my ideas of great horror will inspire you to seek them out or perhaps you’ll give me some ideas of stuff I also may like.

First up is Zombieland.

  1. Because its Zombies
  2. It still remains to this day one of my most favourite zombie films. It has the gore, laughs and its filled with so many beautiful people
  3. I like the rules, especially no. 32 – Enjoy the little things
  4. Also it just always cheers me up and I need that sometimes.

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