31 Days of Horror

Dawn of the Dead  (original) is for Day 6. I have to say that I do actually like the remake too, bar the fast screeching zombies.

I came to Romero’s films late in life and immediately fell in love with Dawn. Night had got me in the feels (Ben’s death is a proper shitter) and Day had made me gag on seeing a man being pulled apart and my love for Bub was born. But Dawn, wow it was something else.

The music, provided by the amazing Goblin and the scarily real breakdown of society and friends as they struggle to preserve normality in a shopping mall. It makes me wonder how long we’d all last in Bluewater.

I can watch this film again and again and not get bored. I also love noticing new things I missed the first time round.

Little story related to this film – I went to Saturday Nightmares in America one year and managed to meet a load of the cast. Flyboy (David Emge) was a delight, Peter (Ken Foree) was hillarious and George himself made me totally fan girl and made me cry when he gave me a hug. The best part, well that was reserved for Tom Savini who when I asked him to settle an argument of what he yells at Peter, looked at me with pure hatred and said “I see you chocolate man, what the hell do you think it was?”


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