31 Days of Horror

Its Day 15 and this time I’ve decided to go with House of the Devil by the wonderful Ti West. This list also has another Ti West on it which will come a little later.

One reason I love this film is the fact I own a beautiful signed poster. My ex really wanted it, he didn’t get it. Its one of the first ones I want to get framed and up when I move house (hopefully soon).

So I like this film for a few reasons. Its a slow burner, it doesn’t rely on jump scares or scary monsters. Yes, there are monsters but these are real. Basically this film is telling us, babysitting is a shitty job don’t do it. I sometimes think I used to babysit some right brats, but nothing like this.

Again, great soundtrack too and just beautiful to watch. Oh Ti West you marvellous bastard.

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