Tomorrow, Tomorrow, You’re only a day away …

Hello again old friend.

Procrastination is your name and your plan is to stop me achieving anything today. Well its working well, as its gone 11am and I’m still staring at my half completed appraisal form thinking I really can’t be arsed with this anymore.

To be honest, I have a million other things I would rather be doing right now. A quick list off the top of my head would be:

  • Baking cakes
  • Stroking cats
  • Dancing to the Spice Girls in my kitchen. Pretending I’m Baby Spice, yet singing all of Sporty Spice’s lines like my life depended on it
  • Sat in the dark watch a film. I’ve seen good reviews about The Conjuring 2 and the BFI have a good Spielberg season on
  • Cleaning out my fridge, and bleaching the whole thing until I’m high off the fumes and laying on the floor stuffing chocolate peanuts in my mouth, manically laughing
  • Unblocking the bath tub, that has become saturated with my hair which due to the recent down spiral is shedding again
  • Laying in a bath (after I’ve freed the hair monster) filled with my new Lush bath bomb, watching episodes of Sex and The City and crying again at how much Big is an arsehole and how lovely Aidan is let go by stupid Carrie. I don’t think I’ll ever get over that. Never ever.

Basically, I would rather be anywhere but here right now. I’ve given up on Friday, and am slowly giving up on my job.

But that doesn’t help the fact that my appraisal needs to be handed in by Monday and my boss has emailed me about it. It also doesn’t help that I’ve nothing positive to write in the appraisal or the use of swears are banned because apparently its not the done thing in a university environment.

So maybe I’ll finish it today or maybe I’ll do my usual “Bollocks this isn’t done and I’m going to cry and it will all be horrific and I’m a fucking awful person who never completes a task and this is why I’m doing this job I hate so much and this is why I’m going to go home and Goonie cry in the shower and this is why I hate myself” rush on Monday, which then turns into a week of self hate, binge eating and general “Sarah becomes a big dick”.

So yea… Cheers for making Friday shit again.

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