I miss…

    • having someone to help zip up my dress. As a big time dress wearer, my life has become a never-ending cycle of positions that you’d find in the karma sutra
    • having someone to that can pick up the cat vomit when I’m dry retching
    • having someone who will find such phrases as cockwomble as hillarious as you find them
    • having someone that you can text to ask them to pick up bread, as you forgot to do it at lunch
    • having someone who will remember to feed the cat when you are being an utter twat in the morning
    • having someone who will text me to remind you that they miss you
    • having someone to rub the small of my back when my anxiety is all over the place
    • having someone that I can call when you are sat in the loo at work trying not to Goonie cry when someone at work is a dick
    • having someone to reach out to when at the cinema for a comforting hand in a scary film
    • having someone to greet when I come through the door that isn’t on four legs or furry
    • having someone to roll over to in bed to spoon
    • having someone tell you they love you and mean it
    • having someone

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