There’s no use in denying it: this has been a bad week.

I’ve had three complaints about me at work.

Apparently I am challenging and unhelpful to one persons research (I asked them to please book our lab for H&S reasons and refused to purchase new ECG pads when we had some), I’m not qualified to help with creating a pathway (apparently I’m not capable of suggesting how someone gets referred for testing or how to invoice) and I’m the worlds worst person because I somehow fucked up a room booking (the person believes there should be a full blown investigation into this).

On top of this I’m waiting for £500 worth of expenses and am stressing at how I’m going to pay bills and feed myself until payday. It’s all well and good my parents helping me out but I’m 32 and I shouldn’t still be relying on them to help me out all the time.

So here I am yet again, at work trying to stem the goonie tears all whilst working my arse off for these bastards. Trying to remain positive, trying not to let them win, trying to not think bad thoughts.

Fuck me, life shouldn’t be this hard should it?

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