By the looks I got you shook up and scared of me

Ready for this Jelly?

Well are you?

And if you are do you know what jelly Beyonce and those other girls that no one remembers their names of, are singing about?

A quick tinternet search reveals its something to do with a ladies bottom being like jelly and how you just can’t handle it in all its wobbly goodness. Hmm…. not sure I get that. Maybe its just because my bottom has seen better days and is def more saggy soufflé then pert raspberry jelly.

At college my friend Nicola and I sang this song alot and for some reason we settled on not being ready for the jelly meant that you weren’t ready to take it to the next level. And that level ladies and gents is fisting.

I have no idea how we came to that conclusion, but it involved a lot of fisting motions to (excuse the pun) ram it home.

We recently started talking about it again after we got onto the subject of Destiny’s Child. We still agree its a about fisting, and also agree that we don’t get how it would be fun. I also questioned the many many rubber fists you can purchase on the internet. Look here’s one here!  They are scarily lifelike (I guess that’s the point) I just don’t get when you would ever say “Yea your real fist just isn’t enough!”

But as my friend says, maybe its for all those singles out there that like a bit of fisting. Although I still don’t get why it needs to be lifelike. Maybe I’m a prude when it comes things like this. Or maybe life size fists just scare the bejebus out of me.

I suppose it takes all people to make this world go around. But I can honestly say there is no rubber fist hiding in my underwear drawer, lifelike or otherwise.

Also I won’t ever stop making fisting motions when Bootylicious comes on in the club or in my bedroom.






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