Oh You Pretty Things

So I’m still poor and still lacking that rich man with weak heart. TBH I don’t think I’m putting enough effort into finding him, but as we all know by now thats standard Sarah behaviour. Also I realise these posts back up the ex’s view that I was a materialistic bitch/cunt, which just brings up strong feelings of hate for myself so I’m just gonna push that nasty reminder out of my head and deal with it another time.

With the above in mind, this is another pretty thing I would like. I like my zombies (I really love my zombies and mindless violence) and hell how cute is this!?! Its is a list of 100 zombie films in chronological order. The only thing I disagree with is the inclusion of some non zombie films (28 Days Later and I am Legend are not fucking zombie films to name a few)


Its available to buy from Design Different on Etsy for a reasonable starting price of £17.00 and I have a birthday in November…

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