I’ve noticed you around… Uhm…

I can’t talk to men I find attractive. Well, that’s a lie I can talk to them but normally what comes out of my mouth is either pure sarcasm or the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard. A common one is  my insistence to discuss what the best rape scene is in a film*.

These are not some of the gems I’ve come out with, but this is an idea of what I’d say to you if you were an attractive bearded man. God help you if you ever meet me…






*Let me clarify what I mean by that. I don’t agree with rape, its fucking wrong full stop. What I mean is if you are going to use rape in a film as a storytelling arc then you need to make it horrific. I’m sick of these slightly scary but almost Benny Hill esq scenes where you feel that there is no threat to the victim. Want a good example of rape done well, then look to Irreversible – fucking horrific.

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