But don’t say victim, don’t say anything

In 2014:

– I want to find someone who really makes me smile

– I want a new job that I’m great at and work with people who get me for me

– I want to wear what I want, be it sparkly, fur, bright or glamour

– I want to live somewhere that I can breathe, I want to walk through the door and feel safe

– I want to spend more time with people I love and who love me

– I want to be more creative

– I want to smile more

– I want to laugh more

– I want to learn something new

– I want to hear more live music

– I want to dance in the rain

– I want to welcome 2015 in with a glass of champagne and a killer dress

– I want to learn to walk in heels again

– I want to see the sun rise

– I want to find the joy in the little things

– I want to spend time with my nieces and watch them grow

– I want another cat and I want to call them Duck

– I want to complete my billion sewing projects

– I want to make my parents proud

– I want to stop being a victim

– I want to have more confidence in myself and my ability

– I want to walk into a room and feel comfortable

– I want to be truthful

– I want to do random acts of kindness

– I want to make more cake

– I want to be more charitable

– I want to make people laugh

– I want to help others more

– I want to be fierce

– I want to be me again

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