Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

So I finally unpacked “the folder”.

This was my bible when I was a teen. Keeper of secrets and full of teen angst. Reading through the stories/poems I wrote then makes me feel a tad shameful. Also, it surprises me even now how angry and dark some of the stuff is. It also transports me straight back to my bright pink bedroom with blue ceiling, that had the obligatory glow in the dark stars of the 90s. Sat in the dark listening to Smashing Pumpkins (sometimes Backstreet Boys), convinced I was destined for more then what I was experiencing.

This folder had sat unread for several years now, and I feel that its time to let it go. Set those ramblings free. Also I like amusing people and I think I can get a few blog posts out of it.

So coming shortly (when I’ve typed them up) I’ll share with you my teen head.

Enjoy – I think?!?

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