Teen Angst – Untitled piece

I wrote this when I was in Year 7 – so 12/13 years old roughly. It has no title, but was clearly a school related project as there is a lot of red marks on the original. I also got a Merit for this (winner!) and the teacher notes This start beautifully. Your description is excellent, well done. Sounds a bit like my life. Also on rereading this, I think I had watched the Time Bandits one to many times.

At first, before the world had begun, there was a huge ugly iron cage floating around in the darkness of the sky. Inside the big cage was the most beautiful flower you or I have ever seen in our lives. It’s green leaves were all wrapped around the enormous bars, reaching out into the darkness, trying to grab hold of something out there, trying to break free from its cage.

Suddenly there was a flash of light that came from the East, it made the flower slowly die. All it’s leaves came untangled and one by one they dropped of onto the floor of the sky. The flower’s petals began to open and fold back to make a magnificent blazing yellow rays of light which warmed the blackness below. The darkness began to fold away like a sheet and were it had once been there was a green patch of land laid out for miles, not stopping anywhere for a rest.

The flower (that had died by now) was dropping all 3404 of her seedlings to the ground. Slowly little shoots came out of the ground then a… WHOLE tree came out of the ground. If you had blinked your eye you’d have missed this amazing remarkable sight of lots of them everywhere. But soon some of the seedlings began to grow arms and legs. They started to walk around and make fires with the trees, cutting some of them down. As the smoke rose from the fires, evil was made.

It spread like a rat across the land, giving it’s evil to the seedlings, but some escaped evil, they ran for miles to get rid of it. Climbing up hills and coming down mountains. When they had finally got rid of evil they made a home in the land they had ended up in. A year later the seedlings began to change. They lost their round shape they had been with their whole life. They started started to increase in numbers.

When there was a lot of them, they started to mould animals like ducks and bunnies and loads more. When they had finished, they placed some animals in the water and some in the sand. After a few weeks fur and feathers grew on the animals, they ran and enjoyed their freedom.

But that soon ended when zoos were made, their freedom was taken away. That’s why some animals are gone now. They will never return, but I do know we are all seedlings at heart.

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