Thought that I would self destruct, but I’m still here

To anyone and everyone who’s made it out the other side, be it from a bad situation, an awful job, an abusive relationship or overcome addiction this is for all of us.

Even though there may be times when we will sit and cry Goonie tears and say to ourselves we can’t keep going on and want to end it all, we should remember we made it through the bad times and we are still here, still standing and still surviving.

The only difference for me when they sing “You know I’m not gon diss you on the internet, cause my mama taught me better than that” I laugh and retell yet another story of what a dick you are. Tell how  you lie and cheat to get your own way and ultimately ended up with a women who you slagged off numerous times to your friends and me.

Sometime you have to look at yourself and say “I love me”


 After of all of the darkness and sadness
Soon comes happiness
If I surround my self with positive things
I’ll gain prosperity

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