One moment in time

So films are a big thing in my life, so I thought I’d pick my Top Ten moments of love, although these are in no particular order:

10. Edward Scissorhands – when Kim finally tells Edward she loves him. Oh and the whole ice scene #relationshipgoals

09. Juno – when they hug on the hospital bed and you just know they are going to be okay

08. Zombieland – seriously all any girl wants is a man to brush her hair out of her eyes

07. Up – the whole Ellie and Carl montage breaks my heart every time

06. ET – when ET leaves Elliot and you know that love and friendship will last forever

05. My Neighbour Totoro – making sure Totoro is dry in the rain is a heartbreaker right there!

04. Step Brothers – surely one of the best bromances ever??

03. Stepmom – I’m normally not a sucker for these kind of films, but seriously this film makes me cry a river every god damn time

02. Sex and the City Movie – Charlotte’s death stare at Big makes you realise it will always be Sisters before Misters. Although I’ll never forgive Carrie for cheating on Aidan

01. Mean Girls – despite them all being mean, there is still a lot of love in their friendship. Maybe a little fucked up but meh whose friendship isn’t!?

Anyone have any to add or disagree with any of my choices?

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