Enjoy the little things

Sometimes we forget that we ourselves can make us happy. Be it saying fuck it the extra calories and having that doughnut we want, buying that cute dress you’ve been eyeing up for weeks on end or simply by giving yourself a break.

Sometimes we need to step back from the drama we surround ourselves with and just simply treat ourselves better. When ever I get to the point where I start beating myself up about all my past mistakes and the feeling I have fucked everything up, I jump in the shower with some music on, clean myself down with  my favourite Rituals body scrub. I turn the water up to scorching, scrub until I’m red and feel like I’ve cleansed myself of the bullshit I’m drowning in.

Yes it may only last a day or so, but for those fleeting moments I remember not to be so hard on myself. Yes we all screw up, even the people who flaunt their perfect lives on FB, with their perfect children and relationships. I should learn not worry about other people’s grass being greener, I should concentrate on maintaining my own lawn.

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