How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

So the big V day is almost upon us, and in the ideal world we’d all be waking up to a basket of kittens, pink roses and some underwear that will get worn once and then thrown away when you realise the chafing just isn’t worth the pretty.

So with this in mind, let’s compile a  list of 14 things I would want in an ideal world, feel free to add your own in the comments. The below links to a page to purchase if you want to get anything for your love.

14. London Print Bedding from Asda 

13. Dress Made From My Fabric Stash from Oh My Honey

12. Anatomical Heart Sharer from Bespoke Barware 

11. Henderson Jazz Shoes from Clarks 

10. Yvonne Houndstooth Trim Swing Dress from Collectif

09. Hot Pink Heart Fascinator from Janine Basil

08. A Stranger In The Alps Print from Creative Sobriety

07. When It Is Dark Look For Stars Bracelet from Oswellnrose

06. Black Skeleton Hand Bangle from Galibardy

05. Cards Against Humanity from Cards Against Humanity

04. Bound By Love Tattoo Flash from Lucy Blue Tattoo

03. I Like Big Beards T-Shirt from Spreadshirt

02. Micro Silver Satchel from Zatchels

01. Norman Reedus please and thank you Norman & Cat

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