Someone’s not had their dinner

This has nothing to do with being single, I’ve never liked this even when I was in a relationship. Personal displays of affection (PDA) are the grossest things that I ever have to witness.

I’m on the tube reading my book or practicing my bitch rest face and then it happens. You get on the train and start a live sex show in front of me. I don’t need to see you touching each other in places that should be reserved for the bedroom or sucking face to the point it sounds like a lubed up potato being forced somewhere it shouldn’t be.  See also straddling your partner on a packed tube/bus/train and then getting narky when the person next to you has to sit there whilst you dry hump your partner and asks politely to please stop.

You’re happy and in love, I get it but you don’t need to force your love on everyone else who are just trying to make it through the journey and get their eight hours of hell out the way. You are not cute, you look retarded.Now, I’m not saying don’t be affectionate to your partner but have some decency for your fellow traveller and yourself. Respect other peoples space and their vomit threshold.

So if you are ever getting freaky in public and some girl with a pissed off face and big hair shouts “someone’s not had their dinner at you” that will be me, fighting PDA one arsehole at a time.

**This post was inspired by this post**

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