With my imagination I can see it. With my pencil crayons I can draw it.

I met Emily at college and we, along with Helen, made random things in Film Studies. I have one of our trailers on VHS which I need to get converted onto DVD (any clever people out there tell me how to do this?) where we forced our friend run through a ditch just down the road from college. Yea we were Mean Girls.

Emily was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). In Emily’s own words;

“EDS is a genetic disorder in which the structure of connective tissue is abnormal due to a genetic mutation. As connective tissue covers over  95% of the body, this results in abnormally fragile and hyper-extensible tissues throughout the whole body, which can lead to a range of multi-systemic symptoms. The effect on the body is widespread and not limited to one symptom”

So a pretty shitter of an illness. Emily is incrediablly talented and her drawings are things of whimsical dreams. As she notes on her site, she’s unable to raise money through a run or sky dive, but can draw when she is able to so will be offering pictures for donations. She’s also hoping to then sell prints of the works afterwards either to those who requested the original design or others who are interested.

Me being me, of course requested a a cat zombie, birthday party WITH cake and tiny hats, cause you know I don’t want to make it easy!

You to can request some art or follow her month of May where she draws not only pictures of the random things we all want but also draws attention to EDS. Visit her on her blog here and give her a like or a donation. Also it acts a great forum for those living with EDS or those interested in EDS.

Emily is also looking for some free art classes in London to join in throughout the month, so if you run one or attend one and can get her involved let her know.

Good luck Emily, I can’t wait to see all the art (especially the cats, ALL THE CATS!)




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